The Firm

Carmon & Carmon provides high quality, cost-effective legal services to a wide range of clients, from small high technology start-up companies to many governmental entities and individuals. In addition to our worldwide legal reach, we focus on Israeli law, and provide one stop services in all matters pertaining to Israel, including aggressive litigation and government work.

Most of our practice is international: either the matter handled or the client is foreign. We understand the business culture of Israel and of many foreign countries, and the need of foreign clients to bridge their needs and goals with the reality of Israel and other foreign locations.

The advantages offered by our unique litigation experience were recognized by the United States Department of Justice when it became our major client for Israeli litigation. We are also retained by the U.S Department of State for non-litigation Israeli matters. We started serving the U.S government in 1985, and continue to provide it with Israeli legal services to this day. We have also been retained by the European Union to appear in Israeli civil litigation on their behalf.

Haggai Carmon has written Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Israel, a legal text book with an introduction by the Hon. Eliezer Rivlin, Deputy Chief Justice of the Israeli Supreme Court. The book was published  by the Publishing House of Israel Bar Association. It is the first book on the issue to appear in Israel since 1996. Please visit

The book has already become an authority, cited in accord in more than 16 times by courts including the Supreme Court.

SPRINGER, one of the world’s largest publishing houses has acquired the English language rights and published the book in 2013 in hardcover and electronic editions.

    "[Carmon & Carmon's] achievements in gathering intelligence have been essential and invaluable for the United States.."

- U.S. Department of Justice
    "Haggai deftly handled all of the arguments [in court], and was clearly in command from the beginning. The difference in quality between our lawyer and the plaintiff’s was stark. It was like watching an excited Chihuahua yap at a seasoned Great Dane – the Chihuahua can make all the noise it wants, but the Great Dane clearly calls the shots. I wanted to emphasize how fortunate we were to have Haggai on our side today."

- A memo from a senior US diplomat to the US Department of Justice